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Research in Progress

Frederick R. Chen. “Foreign Policy in Hard Economic Times.”

Frederick R. Chen and Jian Xu. “Long-Arm Deterrence: Judicial Exposure and Multinational Corporations in Authoritarian Regimes.”

Frederick R. Chen, Zhenhuan Lei, and Yishuang Li. “Making Diplomacy Work: Ambassadorial Types and the Performance of U.S. Ambassadors.”

Frederick R. Chen and Jacque Gao. “Property Rights, Working Class, and Demand for Foreign Investment.”

Frederick R. Chen and Jonathan Chu. “Local Government Officials and Foreign Investment Policy Preferences.” 

Frederick R. Chen. “Strategic Substitutions: Exchange Rate Regimes, Geopolitics, and Trade.”

Frederick R. Chen and Jian Xu. “Authoritarian Judiciaries in the Shadow of Interstate Tensions.”